Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another dress for Raelee

This was a learning experience. I learned that it is important to make casings for elastic and then thread the elastic through afterwards. I didn't do it that way and you can kind of tell. Although I tried to make the dress a 2T, it wouldn't go on my 2T model so I'm not sure it will fit Raelee either. The other part of it that I tried for the first time was the gathering at the waist. I loosely basted and then pulled the thread to the desired amount of gathering. I will do better when I try to do somthing similar in the future, but for now this was a pretty good first attempt. Maybe I will make one in my size.


Summer said...

hey i want one!! that is so cute! we will for sure see you guys while we are there!

Dallan said...

So cute! Raelee is a lucky girl.

Emily W. said...

Sweet. You are so talented!