Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some baby blocks

I briefly skimmed a tutorial the other day that taught how to make cute soft baby blocks. I decided to use 2 layers of foam and a jingle bell inside. These are just my first tries, but I was thinking I could applique all kinds of neat things on the different sides.

Oh, and for anyone who likes seeing where people do their creative work, this is my end table. I purchased it a year ago at a garage sale for $5. I use it as my sewing table so I can sew in the living room and watch tv while I sew. I can't really watch tv while I sew, but I still like being somewhere that is so open. I sit on the couch with my table in front of me and my sewing box on the couch next to me. The table has room for the machine, scissors, and a pin cushion. It works beautifully.

The tutorial I mentioned can be found here.

Our mini family!!!

I keep seeing such cute wooden dolls around in stores ($$$!) and on blogs so I decided to make some for Lincoln. They are in a rough state right now, Lincoln played with them before the hands and finish could be applied so Daddy especially is in a bit of a bruised state. I'm afraid I probably won't touch up those scars before finishing them up. Lincoln really loves them. He likes to make mom and dad kiss and the family went to the zoo and drove the bus the other day.

The garden update

I'm afraid there isn't much good news with regard to the garden. It isn't doing so hot. The birds? ate all but one cucumber plant before this picture, it has since perished as well. The dill died out, the cabbage plants died out, the cilantro is barely hanging on. The onions and radishes are doing relatively well. The beans, well, I'm not sure what's going to happen. There is a lot of damage, but also some growth. We'll see. I haven't gotten around to putting a fence up around it yet, but I may miss my chance. Oh, and the tomato and pepper plants seem to be maintaining their size without too many leaf losses. I tried to replant some cilantro and dill, but those lasted about a week before dying in the house and then outside.

A tote for Kate

I already sent it to her and she has received it so now I can post the pictures I took. Unfortunately, I packed it up before taking these pictures so I had to unpack and repack it.

Oh, and it's reversable.

The dinosaur didn't come with the bag, he was just exploring.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another update

I seem to get all my blogging done in big spurts. Sorry about that. Here is a photo of Raelee in the dress I made for her. It turns out it fit her really well. I am so excited!

An applique project

One of my favorite artists/bloggers is syko. She creates some really beautiful artwork using scraps of fabric and stitched details. I have been inspired for a while, and now this is my first attempt at anything related to her craft. I don't really know how she does her appliques so mine may be way off, but I like it.

Oh, and the frame was just a test to see what it looked like flat, it doesn't fit and it isn't a permanent resting place.

My first makeover

From this:

To this:

I bought the pillow for 50 cents at a garage sale with the intention of making it over in new fabric. I only took about a month to do it and I'd say that's pretty good. The other day, my husband was wishing we had more pillows near the couch and I remembered it was on the to-do list.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Maybe you're the one with the problem

So I drove 40 minutes to Garland to look through a lady's fabric stash. She advertised on Craigslist that she would sell some of her stash by the yard for $3-$5 per yard. I thought, well, ther probably won't be a whole lot I like so I'll put $40 as my max and I don't have to spend it all if I don't find enough that I really want. This weekend, I worked as quickly as I could to make the $40 doing my new data entry job. I took out the cash so I wouldn't spend more than my limit and Lincoln and I drove off on our journey to Garland. Chris took the old car so I could drive on the toll roads and that in itself proves how dedicated I was to looking at this fabric. The end of the story is she had a lot of really cool fabric that I really wanted and I spent more than 3 times my budget. Oops.

I bought 2 yards each of these:

Then 1 yard each of these:

Then 1/4 yard of these:

and these:

Can you really blame me though? I mean, come on!

Afterwards, we went to see where Chris works and have lunch with him. Lincoln fell asleep in the car on the way home. I managed to stay awake. It was a fun day trip, but it sure wore me out.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another dress for Raelee

This was a learning experience. I learned that it is important to make casings for elastic and then thread the elastic through afterwards. I didn't do it that way and you can kind of tell. Although I tried to make the dress a 2T, it wouldn't go on my 2T model so I'm not sure it will fit Raelee either. The other part of it that I tried for the first time was the gathering at the waist. I loosely basted and then pulled the thread to the desired amount of gathering. I will do better when I try to do somthing similar in the future, but for now this was a pretty good first attempt. Maybe I will make one in my size.