Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Insects are Cheating

Ok, I do try to live in harmony with the insect kingdom, but come on how much can a person take? There are some simple rules and if they are in violation of those rules they deserve what is coming to them. I consider myself a generous person when it comes to whether or not I will inflict the death penalty on these creatures when they are in violation of the rules. I did have a fire and bite me the other day, and I think I'm allowed to kill a bug that comes into my home and bites me. That's self defense. (By the way, fire ants are named that for a reason. It feels just like a burn). I try to put bugs outside alive from time to time, and I let the spiders live in the house as long as they agree not to bite me or my little boy or climb in my mouth while I'm sleeping. That's fair enough isn't it? When they lay eggs in the house though, that's crossing the line. I can't support entire families of insects in the house. I'm sorry, I just don't have the room. So when there were aphids all over my indoor nasturtiums (bad idea by the way), I hunted every last one down. Then when the baby spiders hatched, I did the same. When maggots crawled around our house, I found every last one. Those were moments of wrath I do not care to revisit in detail. Tonight, I've had enough with the mosquitoes. They're cheating! Yesterday I went outside and got several mosquito bites in the 10 or so minutes I was out there. Fair enough, it was night and I was in their territory (although some of those bites occurred in the garage which should technically be neutral ground). Then earlier today I received more bites when I went outside to watch Lincoln and Chris test out the new bike trailer. At this point I was a little peeved. Chris pointed out that he hadn't been bitten at all and he was outside much longer than I was, plus it was early enough in the day they shouldn't have been out eating blood yet. Tonight was the last straw. Here I was sitting at the computer INSIDE!!! Minding my own business and I received no less than 5 mosquito bites! From 1 mosquito! In the house! I would have exacted some revenge, but I lost the little cheater.