Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stained glass

Grandma and I have been hard at work making stained glass windows for my house. Here are the first 3 of who knows how many. I have 10 2' x 2' windows in my house that I would love to put these in. I'll let you know how the installation goes when we are brave enough to tackle that.

Another Pinterest post

I almost forgot. I am getting lots of ideas for activities with the kids. Here is one of our recent favorites:

Feel free to follow my Pinterest boards here if you aren't already. Better yet start your own. It's so much fun!


I am loving Pinterest right now. There is so much inspiration out there for me to soak up and it helps me get excited about being creative. I especially love having a place to store pictures of food. Mmmm. Here are a couple of the recipes I have tried:

found here.

These cookies that were so easy and yummy. Found here.

I was very excited to find a shrimp boil. When we lived in Texas we had an annual tradition of going to a shrimp boil at Central Market in Plano. The last time we were there we were right next to a room where Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook was giving a cooking demo. So this year we were really missing the shrimp boil and I found a delicious recipe to try. It was so good! Looking at the pictures is making me really hungry. You can find it here.