Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things are sprouting

I'm fortunate to have a helper with my gardening this year. He loves to do whatever I will let him. The beans are by far the fastest growing seeds I planted. The cucumbers came in at second place. So far the bunny who visits our back yard hasn't done any serious damage to the vegetable plants.


Emily W. said...

Yay! What a good helper Linky is!

Claudia said...

Thank you so much for the quilt advice that you left on my blog. I didn't have much free time (oh the office!!!) to work on it but I would like to finish it for June. And I really have to start the garden. It is still early (for Montreal) since during the night it can be pretty cold (5-7 C.). I hope that you will have a lot of good beans (my favorite). xox

Cori said...

Hey! I found your blog through Emily's... hope that's OK. I'm so impressed that you are gardening... I wish. Nothing much grows in St. George. It's too stinkin hot during the summer. :) OK, I guess I could try a little harder and maybe I would have some success. Also, your quilt is beautiful! Want to come teach me?

Ashley said...

HEY you! What alot of acomplishments you have going on! The clothes are great, the garden (might have to steal that idea) and the cooking.....and aren't those "manly" projects fun~!!! I Love those! You are so great. I am inspired by you and I look up to you. I am all caught up on Nomi for now. :-)
I love you and miss you