Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So what if I don't have a little girl

I wanted to make a little girl's dress so this one will be for Raelee if it fits her and her parents approve. She can wear it with a shirt underneath and it will totally be modest. The dress was based on a dress Raelee outgrew and her mother loaned to me to use as a pattern. I'm hoping to try it on Lincoln to see if it really is a size 2T like I had planned. I messed up the first time and had to cut the skirt and top a little, so it may turn out to be too short. We'll have to see.


Kaferine said...

I'm sure Lincoln will look very nice in his temporary dress. <3

Dallan said...

You are truly gifted! Glad you figured out a way to make a dress. (Be sure to get a picture of Lincoln, to add to our family collection of boys in drag.)

Emily said...

true that. you must take pictures. I can't believe you just sewed that! you are awesome!

I just decided that I need to make Ethan some light coats/sweaters he can wear outside. HE has one Old Navy fleece that he can wear, but its ugly green. Any ideas where I can find a pattern?