Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last week I went to some garage sales with my friend Erin. We found some little lead animals and bought the whole box of them for only 50 cents. After looking them up on Ebay, we decided they might be better sold rather than stuck up someone's nose so I listed them. The final price was $193.50 plus shipping! It was crazy! We are so excited about our little Ebay sale.


Dallan said...

You win at Ebay as well as Scrabble! Nice picture, too. (Didn't realize there was a whole herd of cows.)

DoMTar said...

Last summer I purchased a bicycle for $100 at a yard sale down the street. Ended up selling it a week later on EBAY for $450! In rhetorical corporate talk, how's that for a profit margin? I'll cover the west coast division and you cover the eastern division. Together we'll pretty much be like the mob, except with less killing and more selling.

Kevin, Amber & Jake said...

WOW! all i have to say is wow!