Monday, April 7, 2008

A new blog for me!

I decided to move to blogger because my husband, bless his heart, is a little on the busy side right now and I needed something easier to use. I'm sure I will still need lots of his help. Today I had big plans for getting lots done around the house, but instead went for something I could do sitting still for 2 hours straight. Please leave comments once in a while so I know this isn't just my private journal. Ok, so I'm not very good at that myself. I keep up with a lot of you without letting you know. Sorry. I'll try to do better at that too.


Chris said...

I forgive you, dear, although you could have given me a little warning before dropping me like a hot potato.

Ashley said...

I do miss those childhood times so so so much! That would be my only place to go back to if I ever could! I feel that my life has taken on stages or "different lives" also....just as you have explained. BUT, I want you to know how often I think of you and how very much I love and miss you. YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST WONDERFUL PEOPLE EVER!!!! xoxoxo

Dallan said...

Love it! Hooooray! I hope to hear a lot from you here, and to see more of your sewing projects.

Ashley is right. You are wonderful!