Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Garden

Last weekend I started another project: a vegetable garden in the back yard. Here are some pictures of what I've done so far. The first picture is of our box spring mattress frame. Link and I ripped out all the fabric from the top and the bottom. Then we moved the frame to the perfect garden spot in our yard. (By the way, I didn't try to dress Lincoln up like one of those cute calendar babies, he did this to himself after trying on the pajamas I made him. He loves his hats and also note the rain boots he really did put on all by himself!) Yesterday and today I filled the frame with soil, peat moss, and compost. Then I planted all the plants and seeds. I'll try to update you on the progress, good or bad. That picture with the white blocks in it actually has words if you click on it. I put in the names of the plants so you can see what I planted. Oh, and the plants are actually pretty evenly spaced it just looks funny because of where I was standing to take the picture.


Dallan said...

wonderful! What a great idea to use the mattress frame. What a green idea!

The little boy is destined to be a fashion trend-setter. He just can't help himself being so cute.

Kaferine said...


Love the way Lincoln is dressing himself. Fashion forward!

Emily said...

You are living my dream life. A garden in your own back yard of your own house. Thats awesome. I hope your plants grow well. I don't know how they won't with that Texas sun.... Did you plant watermelon? I didn't look closely at that picture yet.