Sunday, April 11, 2010


Seriously, how many food posts in a row do I have to do before I get to a craft I worked on? I guess it's good I have my appetite back. I think we made these on Christmas, but Chris has no idea and I don't feel like researching any further. They turned out really well, the first ones we made were a little on the thin side so we had to experiment to get them just the right thickness for our tastes. We ate them with leftover huckleberries from summertime in Wyoming. I don't remember what else we found....bananas, chocolate, strawberry jam, etc. Just check out the rim of the plate to see.


a girl called dallan said...

I want.

Emily A. W. said...

how'd you do that thin pancake thing? I've got a crepe cooker contraption and you just inspired me to get it back out. YESSSS!!!

Naomi said...

I forgot to type the recipe on this one. I like that you make everything in a blender and then use the blender to pour it into the pan. So easy!