Friday, December 7, 2007

My first sewing project

Ok, first of all, no I did not make what you see in the first picture! We are focusing on the second picture! I got my sewing machine all set up today (by myself!). The instructions covered about 90% of what I needed to know to get it going so I was glad I was able to figure out that extra 10% on my own. My first project was one that I've been looking forward to for a few weeks. We bought Lincoln a quiet book for church that has little stuffed animals/fruit/things/etc. inside for each letter of the alphabet. Well since I paid $1 for it at a garage sale I couldn't complain that 3 of the letters were missing their little stuffed toy. Today I filled in the "Q" with a tiny quilt. Yes, it could be better, but this was my first time sewing on my new machine and I must say I'm quite pleased with how it went. Hey, maybe I'll even inspire my mom to start a doll-sized line of her famous quilts. If you have any ideas for the "Y" and the "V" please let me know. All I can think of are yo-yo, vase, and violin. We'll see how that goes.

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