Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stained glass

Grandma and I have been hard at work making stained glass windows for my house. Here are the first 3 of who knows how many. I have 10 2' x 2' windows in my house that I would love to put these in. I'll let you know how the installation goes when we are brave enough to tackle that.


Donnell Allan said...

Soooo pretty! Thanks for posting the photo.

Bethany Hissong said...

These are gorgeous! It looks like you were able to put at least one in. You are so lucky to have someone in the family with those skills!

Morgan said...

Those stained glass windows are beautiful! You made them? I took a stained glass art class back in college and it was tough stuff. Lovely job.

Morgan @

Naomi said...

Thank you for your comments! Bethany, I did get all 3 put in. 2 upstairs in my study and 1 downstairs by the front door.
Morgan, I agree that stained glass is tough stuff. I went with what I considered to be a very easy design, but it still gave my grandma and I plenty of difficult moments. Grandma always fixes the problems when I become frustrated and start threatening to break the whole thing. We have 2 more to go and I have been taking a nice long break before getting back to it.