Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few more nesting projects

I've been busy nesting away and it's been a while since I posted something so I figured I'd show you what I've been up to lately. First off, we have Lincoln's (and eventually Fiona's) bedroom. I finished painting the walls, but I still need to paint the trim white. I hung the curtain rod and made a red curtain to block out more light when we want Lincoln to sleep. I really like the red even though it was chosen based on the limited fabric selection I had in that amount of yardage.

Next, we have the storage and changing table we will be keeping in our bedroom when Fiona first comes. I showed you the little dresser earlier. The changing table was purchased on Craigslist. I made a cover for the changing pad and covered some boxes with fabric.

I love this fabric.

I love this fabric too.


A Girl Called Dallan said...

What a treat! You made my day with those beautiful pictures of your beautiful work!

Thanks for sharing. I want so much to see it all in person.

Emily A. W. said...

ITs lookin mighty fine. :) Its getting me excited!