Sunday, October 26, 2008

I made something!

Oh, but first I have to give you a garden update. Everything had been destroyed by the rabbit(?) except for one miraculous tomato plant that kept hanging in there. We were watching the 5 tomatoes as they grew and started to ripen. Unfortunately, I went outside to check on the plant today and sadly it has been destroyed. There is a stalk surrounded by shredded branches and leaves. No sign of the tomatoes. It is a sad day.

So back to what I made. About a week or two ago I was playing with Lincoln in the nursery room at the church while we waited for Chris to finish up some other business. They had a few baby dolls in the cupboard, but I noticed the babies were sadly lacking in clothing and blankets. Rather than clothe the dolls I decided to tackle the easier task of providing a blanket. It turned into a mat for a bed, a pillow and a quilt. I love it so much! I had been planning on using these squares for a larger quilt, but I'm thinking a quilt that can be completely finished by the end of Finding Nemo is not such a bad thing. When I delivered the bedding to the nursery today I quickly discovered that 1 set will definitely not be enough as there are at least 3 baby dolls there.


A Girl Called Dallan said...

Sorry about your tomatoes. Sad. Maybe the "mouse" got them.

I love, love, love what you made! Those dollies and (and their little parents) will be so happy!

You continue to be awesome!

Emily A. W. said...

Have you ever watched "the secret of nihm" since you were a little kid? Yah. You might want to review it. :)

You are so creative and talented. I wish I had some of your brains, but oh well. At least I can rely on you to help me with my sewing projects, and that seems like a better deal now that I think about it.